Saturday, December 31, 2011

my last thought' for the last day of (:

     It's been a while.. really been a while i left my blog quite~ Can you see my previous post was on January?(: By the way friends, today is the day last of 2011. Everyone is looking forward for the next goal for the new year of 2012, same goes to me (: Seriously I almost forgot what was my goal@resolution for this 2011 year. But I still thank to God for all He was granted to me, finally I done my studies, get convo's! Share the moments with my beloved daddy and brother. And luck me! I got a jobs and chance to gain more exprience in world of work. 

     No matter what happened I still thank to God for everything happen to me, while I believe everything happens have their own reason no matter how hurts sweets memory are. For this year only, I lost my beloved G'pa, the only one G'pa in my world had leave us. May his soul rest in peace, seriously G'pa I miss you so much and much, our prayer and loves always be with you,Amen.

     Back to the top (: , no matter what life still go on. New year 2012 bring it on, may more and more great achievement and expriences, a meaningful chapter to be written on to the books of 2012. 2011 will be the great ever life exprience like the other years before. And don't forget the Soul has gone, never stop continues pray to the Soul, may They be with our Lord, forgive their sins in this world.    

     Few hours to go, lets we pray to Lord ask for forgiveness, peace inner and outter between us (:
Remember appreciate every moment what we been through. Some people come to our life as a lesson,  some people come to our life as a blessing. To me how bad are good things turn to be, I know I still have my faith to make life go on. Just remember live your life like you will never had it tomorrow (: 
Goodbye 2011~ 

p/s: Thanks to someone that came into my life and bring so much meaningful into my life, you had teach me how hard life are, you had bring me to the hardest moment in this life which finally I realize and know that life is fucking uneasy and serious bussines.. 

Love, Baby Jane. (: (: 
Happy New Year 2012 everyone people in this world. God Bless~ 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't Ignore me..

If only you understand and know what I feel now, 
I don't have to act like a childish. 
Nobody loves this feeling.. 
Hope this article can motivate myself.. 
And of course, I always heart him/her....  

When the scales in a relationship are unbalanced and one person becomes the pursuer, it is not a good for either person. You implied that you were used to having your partner ask for more of your time.

There are people who deal with all kinds of demands in their life and still make you feel like a priority. And there are people who drop their friends when they are dating someone. There are people who chose to spend more time with their friends than their lover. And there are people who always put their work first no matter who is in their lives. We all handle our relationship priorities differently. We call it our basic relationship style. We can't judge people because they do things differently from us.

 If you really want to communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you need to put aside your pride and hurt feelings and look at things from her/his point of view. Show genuine interest in her/his life and what pressures she/he might be feeling. Let her/he know you care without placing blame on her/he. This is how you will reestablish intimacy and bridge the gap between you. At the same time fill your own life with enjoyable activities and let her/he see that you don't expect her to fill all your needs.

Source : - somewhere in that I found

Monday, February 28, 2011

Please everything goes smooth~

Another studies have yet finish! 2 subject to go to done my Diploma. Hope everything goes smooth~ 
Problem matters keeps come never stop, well that the part of life we have to face. The most interesting scene in your life when you are facing those matter. I would like to say I'm tired, but.. once I said tired I easily get weak and negative attitude! Sigh* Anyway, just hoping everything goes smooth laarh.. 

~I need small vacation trip. 
~I wanna touch up the tattoo. 
~I hate counting and surprise. -_-!!