Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't Ignore me..

If only you understand and know what I feel now, 
I don't have to act like a childish. 
Nobody loves this feeling.. 
Hope this article can motivate myself.. 
And of course, I always heart him/her....  

When the scales in a relationship are unbalanced and one person becomes the pursuer, it is not a good for either person. You implied that you were used to having your partner ask for more of your time.

There are people who deal with all kinds of demands in their life and still make you feel like a priority. And there are people who drop their friends when they are dating someone. There are people who chose to spend more time with their friends than their lover. And there are people who always put their work first no matter who is in their lives. We all handle our relationship priorities differently. We call it our basic relationship style. We can't judge people because they do things differently from us.

 If you really want to communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you need to put aside your pride and hurt feelings and look at things from her/his point of view. Show genuine interest in her/his life and what pressures she/he might be feeling. Let her/he know you care without placing blame on her/he. This is how you will reestablish intimacy and bridge the gap between you. At the same time fill your own life with enjoyable activities and let her/he see that you don't expect her to fill all your needs.

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