Friday, January 14, 2011

Putar Alam with Babe

Yeah, we used to use this words Putar Alam when every time we decided to hang out together, after a long years and lost contact. Yes, a big thank you to coolest network Fesbuk* ekeke.. We meet up! Still crazy like before when we was 12 years old ;D
Again we meet up on my off day after a tiring with shift work ;( Like usually watch movie, having lunch and tea break is our main priority when hang out hahaa!

I will always love this moments! *Mandak entri kta ne kali sma, sy pn mo bloggie jg ne post ;D*
 We went to Growball cinema and watched The tourist.. Finally, the new year of 2011, this is my first movie I watched! What can I said,a comedy romantic movie! It's worth to paid RM5 for the 1 ticket, student price;P
Having our lunch with our different taste.. so yummy!
And again having our tea break after a movies. Because we have no way to go,we decided to stay a secret recipe!, end up with soo yummy cake!
p/s: ya i know, i look cute hahaha! ;P i mean both of us ;D
Nice hang out like always!
Love all the picture and looking forward to capture more and more picture of us! hahaha..
 Having enjoy and fun day, of course He still always in my mind.. my current wallpaper, Mr Gurangak wakakaka! I heart him...Wish you were here with me now. ^_^