Monday, January 17, 2011

Beautiful off day ;)

Today was my off day again, everything goes smooth. People used to hate Monday's because that is the day of first weeks folks start again with busy work and for sure that's never end hehehe~ Spending my day on Monday at home, oh gosh this is the first ever of my off day spend at home 'kuai2' watch Tv's with mum and online. This is what I calls a beautiful and so relaxing days..
Let's see what I have here, ;)hrrmm oppss nothing! ;D Instead of Facebook-ing oh no!! I started to love play guitar again, guess what?? I started to learn to sang and play all songs from Taylor Swiff and Colbie Caillat. Well I played guitar since I was 14years old but for sure am not that brilliant player nnggee~ It just a hobbies ;)
Aw, Isn't It Cute??
I don't know why recently I easily get stress.. it so awkward feeling haissh.. At the same time, am so in extreme missing someone! nice kan that feeling?? hahaha~ 
Whatever it is, I just can stay focus and patient waiting my college exam result and so with my interview job result, so many things to wait..and keep wait..~~ This so test my faith a lot, but with hard work and praying I know I will never alone :)  
p/s: Seriously! Don't get cigarette and smoke when you in stress! I know this advise so lame hahaha~ 
Whatever it is, everything is in your hand.. You the one who decide your life and get healthy anyway.. 
Till Then~
in missing mode* -_-♥♥

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