Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We R Who We R

Just ignore the title of my post, I had no idea what to put on the title ;D
Currently listen to Kei$ha We R Who We R while updating my blog
I don't know if these thing funny.. but quite interesting to share ;P.. 
To me play the color to our face not a big matters at all.. But guy out there watch out haha!
Those beautiful gal on the club with very awesome make up might be the same case to below haha!


Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

For me.
A girl without a single make up is more pretty then a girl celebrity with tons of make up. kalau buka tu make up kan, nampak tu muka dorang berlubang-lubang pasal guna macam2 product.

SBC Admin.
Sabahan Bloggers Club.

Ace3103 said...

nda aci owh urg yg guna make up...
cian la sama dorang yg besa2..huhu