Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December!

   Fffuhh Welcome back Ms Jyn! Hhaa.. Actually I'm thinking to start blogging on 2011. But I'm started missing my blog already. Hhaa... So this is it~

   2nd day of December, hope it is not too late right to say Hello December! :) As the other people get excited and updated with their Facebook, twitter, blog status with full of event in this December, I can feel the excited! What a blessed December's!! Of course December is full of joy! Christmas celebration! Weddings! Birthday Bash! Party to the count down New Year! Yeah~ And don't forget the school holidays!

   What else I can say?? December is the great time to spend a time to holiday with your friends, couples and families! Those who attending an exam, as me as well this month. Good luck yar! Those who just finished their studies and get graduated with the precious scroll, congratulation! Keep sparkling your journey life wink*

   As me as well, get exciting with December yeeahaa.. Christmas celebration! My birthday! opps.. :) And of course my important day on this December 2010. That might be change my future, I guess ~_~?? Interview job! hhaaa.. :))

   That's why, December to me, is very-very blessed to my life. Wanting a suprise for my happy precious born day as I never had since I was a childhood, I miss that time :(

   Guess what, and congratulation to me! :D A years relationship is just end like that, and yes I ain't sad with my relation. Because I know these things will just happens someday, and it happens now ♥. I'm not sad and cries, but in the same time I enjoying my single life without any stressful. Could spend a lot of time with my friends, families and peoples at current work place now. I don't need anything at this moment now, I'm feel so much thankful with what I had now, with my families and fellow good friend's, and yes my pocket is jingle~jingle! I can shopping, happy hours with friends and families. Perhaps a small vacation?? Yes, will do that ^__^

   What's your happening?? I Bet you as well have a many and many event this blessed December right!? Happy Party peoples! Oppss get and treat yourself for shopping! There's a lots Mega Sales at Malls now! :D  
Till then. :)

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Alessandro said...

Singgah dulu disini ni ging..^___^